Your college degree is an important part of launching a successful career, but unfortunately many students finish out their college studies with a load of student debt. But don't worry, because student loan consolidation is available to help you quickly and easily dig out of the financial burden you are feeling.

Most student loans are set up based on the semester or the school year, and because it takes many semesters and multiple school years to get a degree students find themselves with lots of smaller loans when they are finished with school. For example, a student that attends school for 4 years, may finish their college degree with 8 student loans-- 1 for each semester of the school year!

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Depending on the individual loans that you have, these smaller student loans may be set up just find for your personal financial situation. But, in most cases there are many advantages to student loan consolidation. Big benefits of student loan consolidation include:

1. Often, you can access lower interest rates by consolidating your multiple student loans into one consolidated loan.

2. Usually these smaller loans are set up with variable interest rates, which means that your interest rate will change with the trends of the markets. If you consolidate student loans during a low-interest time, then you may be able to lock in that lower interest rate... even when the interest rates begin to go up.

3. Student loan consolidation will roll all of your smaller payments into one easy monthly payment. You won't need to worry about mini payments each month for each individual loan.

4. Many people find that consolidating their debt will allow them to pay of their debt more quickly, which means that they will find financial freedom even faster. Everyone wants to pay off their debt fast, and consolidation is a great tool that can help you do that.

Student loan debt consolidation may not be the right answer for everyone, but it can certainly help many new graduates. There is no harm in scoping out the market to see what is available for you, so if you have multiple student loans it is a good idea to spend a little bit of time exploring different consolidation companies to see what they can offer you.

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