Deciding which loan to apply for can be a complicated process. Taking into account the various terms and conditions can prove to be a gruelling task and one which many need support with. Which type of loan you choose all depends on the purpose of your loan, the loan amount required and your financial situation. Some people require a quick financial fix over a short period of time but if you are considering a large loan amount of £10,000 or more you should be thinking about a long term loan plan. For large loan amounts a long term loan enables you to pay smaller monthly repayments but you must be aware that you will pay more interest than a short term loan. We specialise in searches for loan plans tailored to your individual needs.

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10 Year Loans
Homeowners who require a large amount of finance quickly could consider a 10 year loan plan. A 10 year loan allows you to pay less interest compared to a 20 year loan but if you encounter difficulties it is possible with some lenders to increase your loan plan to a 20 year plan.

20 Year Loans
A 20 year loan plan is a suitable option for large loan amounts when monthly repayments need to be at a minimum, reducing the risk of encountering financial difficulties. A 20 year loan unfortunately results in paying more interest than a 10 year loan, although some lenders will give you the flexibility of reducing your loan term if you can pay off your loan within a shorter period.

An Example
£10,000 borrowed over 10 years at 9% APR would mean you pay back a total of £5201.60 interest. Over 20 years you would pay back £11592.80 in interest - more than the original amount you borrowed! However your monthly repayments would be £89.97 instead of £126.68.

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