If you own a car and you need greater amount of loan for personal purposes, then you should search for loans against your car. These are easier loans that you can borrow within 24 hours without going through any hassles.

All you need to do for borrowing some money quickly is to take your logbook of the car to the lender. Logbook contains all the information about your car and about its owner. Logbook is the registration form called V5 and has entries like current registration number of the car, chassis number or VIN number.

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Loans against your car are thus secured loans as you borrow an amount against the car logbook. The loan amount will depend on the value of your car in the market. But the lenders will make an assessment of the value of the car and the loan amount will be less than it.

An advantage of taking out these loans is that its approval comes quickly. Just against the car logbook, you can instantly borrow any greater amount within 24 hours. Another advantage is that you do not have to worry about your bad credit history. Since you are borrowing against the car logbook, your past faults like late payments, payment defaults and CCJs. This also means that you can make a significant improvement in your credit rating by timely repaying these loans.

Loans against your car are availed for short-term of few months to a year. While the logbook will be with the lender, you can enjoy driving your car until you fully repay the loan.

However, because of short-term, these are costly loans. The lenders charge interest at higher rate. So, it will be better and wiser if you can find out an online lender who can offer you loans against your car at competitive interest rates.

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